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A CNC retrofit in it's basic lowest cost form is a replacement of the existing control with a new more flexible, and powerful latest generation control.

At Agraj Automation, we know most machine tools are made to be rebuilt. We can make or repair parts that the O.E.M. may no longer supply to repair older machines. Our in-house capability allows us to customize and specialize your machine tools for improved production. We can dismantle, clean, restore, and refurbish your equipment, even send it back with a new coat of paint, working better than new.

Benefits which are possible include:

  • Improved machine utilization
  • Increased accuracy envelope through laser compensation
  • Faster part programming, prove out & machining
  • Greater flexibility of part type, methods & storage
  • Reduced Scrap
  • Linkage to your computer network
  • Decreased down time & repairs costs
  • Increased confidence & ability to meet customer demands
  • Long term support & back up
  • Improved employee moral
  • Possibility of matching controls from other machines to aid employee rotation
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CNC Retrofit / Services
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